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Our range includes both outdoor and indoor drones, crafted with top-quality materials for durability and performance.

AIXShow Intelligent Control Technology, with years in the market as a drone light show company, boasts numerous accolades for innovative and creative solutions. As a national-level drone supplier, we hold 36 patents in formation technology.

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Fundamental Principles That Guide Us

Innovative Excellence

AIXShow holds 36 patents and is celebrated for its creative drone technology advancements.

Indoor Durability

Their indoor drones are built for strength, withstanding up to 4 meters/second wind and optimized for 6-minute light shows.

Precision Technology

Ultra-Wideband positioning in AIXShow's drones ensures highly accurate aerial displays.


AIXShow's outdoor drones, Guinness 2020 record holders, excel in strong winds and offer long-lasting, colorful light shows.

Outdoor V3 formation UAV

Each Light up Drone is designed for optimum performance and display

A revolutionary product that truly subverts the tradition and ushers in a new era of outdoor formation UAVs, realizing "automatic control, automatic return and intelligent storage", and opening the era of UAV formation cluster intelligence.


Our recent Case

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October 1, 2023

Longhua's Drones Shine Over Dunhuang's Crescent Spring

AIXShow's dazzling drone show in Dunhuang merged tradition and innovation, marking the start of the "When Longhua Meets Dunhuang" cultural event.

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September 27, 2023

Drone Formation Makes a Stunning Appearance at Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong

AIXShow captivated Hong Kong with an innovative and artistic drone show over Victoria Harbour, enhancing the city's night spectacle.

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August 24, 2023

Brilliant! A Thousand Drones Illuminate the Night Sky Over Wujia Dam

AIXShow's 1000 drones illuminated the night sky over Kunming's Wujia Dam area, showcasing a stunning light show that blended technology and digital entertainment.

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