Drone Formation Makes a Stunning Appearance at Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong

AIXShow captivated Hong Kong with an innovative and artistic drone show over Victoria Harbour, enhancing the city's night spectacle.

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May 18, 2023



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Drone performances, a novel form of starry sky art combining "technology, art, and creativity," have become increasingly popular in recent years. As a leading provider of sky digital media solutions in China, AIXShow has conducted over ten thousand drone performances in more than 100 cities domestically and in over 30 countries and regions internationally, earning widespread acclaim. Today, drone performances have become a dazzling highlight and a new landscape feature for many cities.

On the evening of September 27th, over Victoria Harbour in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, AIXShow, armed with its third-generation intelligent drone formation technology, staged a mesmerizing starry sky visual feast in collaboration with Hong Kong partners. As the scheduled takeoff time arrived, 800 drones ascended, dancing in the night sky like spirited elves. The performance featured unique formations displaying various patterns and texts, incorporating elements like the solar system, whales, and meteor showers that blend technology with aesthetics, attracting many citizens and tourists for viewing and photography.

This drone show was part of the "Hong Kong Night Splendor" event, designed to bring a visual feast to citizens and tourists. Wan Chai's waterfront has become an emerging landmark for Hong Kong's nightlife, drawing countless visitors to experience the city's unique charm. To further acquaint visitors with Hong Kong's culture, art, music, and technology, the waterfront also hosted the first nostalgic Hong Kong night market, "Seaside Art Tour". As a renowned drone performance company, AIXShow has repeatedly staged drone shows in Hong Kong, such as the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland drone show in Tai Po in 2022. AIXShow uses technology as a brush and the sky as a canvas, creating a series of spectacular starry sky art feasts, not only delighting the citizens of Hong Kong but also adding brilliance to the city's night sky.

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