Longhua's Drones Shine Over Dunhuang's Crescent Spring

AIXShow's dazzling drone show in Dunhuang merged tradition and innovation, marking the start of the "When Longhua Meets Dunhuang" cultural event.

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April 15, 2022


Drone Show

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Dunhuang, an ancient gateway to the Western Regions, and Longhua, the urban core of Shenzhen's innovative development, witnessed a unique drone light show on October 1st, celebrating the 74th anniversary of the founding of New China. Held above the Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring scenic area in Gansu's Dunhuang, the show beautifully juxtaposed the elements of "Striving Longhua" and "Magnificent Dunhuang," illuminating the night sky of Dunhuang and presenting a technologically and artistically rich performance for the Mid-Autumn and National Day celebrations. This marked the beginning of the "When Longhua Meets Dunhuang" cultural exchange event.

At 8:30 PM on October 1st, over 1500 drones from AIXShow, a low-altitude economic enterprise in Longhua District, took to the sky above Crescent Spring, adorning the night. The drones formed various patterns like the Silk Road Galaxy, Flying Apsaras, Nine-Colored Deer, Camel Caravans, Yuequan Pavilion, Mingsha Mountain, Crescent Spring, and "Long Live the Motherland," showcasing the thousand-year beauty of Dunhuang and blessings for the country. The performance was planned around themes like "National Day," "Digital Longhua, Urban Core," and "Longhua and Dunhuang," merging modern technology with traditional cultural elements, creating unforgettable visuals for the audience. "The drone performance, rich in festival essence and integrating elements from Dunhuang and Longhua, added a colorful touch to the Mid-Autumn and National Day festivities," spectators noted, capturing the breathtaking night dance with their phones.

The "When Longhua Meets Dunhuang" cultural exchange event, hosted by the Longhua District Committee Propaganda Department and supported by prominent platforms and institutions like Yangshipin and Gao Research Institute, spanned six days from October 1st to 6th in Dunhuang. The event featured a series of activities such as Gobi hiking challenges, exchanges on high-quality economic and social development, "Knowledge Market" forums, and lectures on Dunhuang culture, allowing close engagement with this cultural gem and opening a window to showcase the new image of Longhua to diverse professionals and entrepreneurs from all over. This event aimed to facilitate interaction, mutual learning, resource linking, and cooperation, expanding the cultural exchange "circle of friends" of Longhua.

As explained by the Longhua District Committee Propaganda Department, cultural and artistic exchanges are becoming a new window for the outside world to know Longhua. The district has strategically planned this cultural exchange event to convey the spirit of striving Longhua in the exploration of digital technology, empowering the digital economy, cultural industry, and social governance. AIXShow, a local enterprise in Longhua, dedicated to building new infrastructure in the low-altitude digital economy, actively explores fields like "Low-Altitude + Digital Media," "Low-Altitude + Digital Cultural Tourism," and "Low-Altitude + Digital Culture," continually expanding the application scenarios and space of the low-altitude digital economy.

Furthermore, the "When Longhua Meets Dunhuang" event will also produce a themed documentary to comprehensively record the series of cultural exchanges and image promotion activities conducted by Longhua's digital urban area in Dunhuang, a historic city rich in culture, attracting more talents to Longhua for entrepreneurial ventures. Through digital mediums, Longhua and Dunhuang join hands, connecting people, industries, and futures, spreading urban culture further and wider.

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