Third Jiangxi Taihe Black-Bone Chicken Cultural Festival

Longhua's UAV light shows, funded and coordinated by the government, aim to boost the night economy and urban identity through innovative, cost-effective digital entertainment.

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June 1, 2022


Drone Show

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The value proposition of normalizing UAV light show performances for the city’s night economy (the image on the right is the Longhua case):

1. Led by the district party secretary, the government allocates budget to create a hub for the city’s digital economy and cultural industry. Normalized UAV cluster performances are used to construct the Longhua digital landscape, establishing an aerial digital broadcasting studio, becoming a new high-profile platform for government promotion.

2. The Longhua Culture, Sports, and Tourism Bureau takes the lead in bringing the project to fruition, with coordination from various departments such as the Development and Reform Commission, Public Security Bureau, and Urban Management Bureau. The central park of Longhua is designated as the location for cultural and tourism digital economic activities. It serves as a platform to promote Longhua to people from around the world, promote Longhua spirit, technology, and cultural connotations, and create a new urban identity.

3. Creating regional night economy hotspots stimulates night-time consumption, enhances urban happiness, and uses UAV light shows to communicate the human and urban spirit between the government, businesses, and citizens.

4. Determining the service interface:

• Party A is responsible for: venue and security + local police reporting + accommodation for DAMODA staff (outside Shenzhen).

• DAMODA is responsible for: airspace approval + creative communication and script design (including 30 complimentary scripts) + daily flights.

• Fixed venues: Shenzhen North Station Central Park + one venue in each of the five subdistricts (sub-venues).

5. Combining fixed and variable costs:

• Additional venues, performances, flights, scripts, etc., will incur additional costs on top of the main contract, with additional expenses budgeted and contracts signed separately.

6. Various district government departments can apply to the district government for additional performance requirements within the framework of normalized performances.

They can obtain rights to UAV performances in fixed venues at a significantly lower cost than market prices, thus benefiting from the cost-effective solution.

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