3D Ground Station Simulation

Our ground station's 3D simulation enables flawless, rehearsal-free drone shows, significantly increasing efficiency.

Automated Drone Performance

System V3 needs only 10% of the usual area and 20% of the manpower, boosting performance efficiency by six times with reduced human dependence

Drone Performance V3

V3 system's 360-degree lighting brings more vivid colors, and its industry-leading speed enhances visual quality by 20%.

Intelligent Drone System

One-click operations for power, health checks, simulation, and autonomous flight performances ensure safety and efficiency."

Aerial photography and drone show services


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Global Drone light Show Product System

Fly high and capture the moment with our drone show services.

AIXShow: Guinness 2020 Record Holders, offering high-endurance drones with vibrant LED displays for captivating light shows.

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New Technology

Drones newly upgraded and smarter

We have the latest in Outdoor V3 Formation UAV technology!

Remote Control
2,000 Drones Take off Over Shenzhen Bay to Pay Tribute to Entrepreneurs

Fantastic show with over 100,000 people watching online

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Fly higher, farther, and faster

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Behind the scenes story of challenging the Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records item drone performance microrecord

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