Brilliant! A Thousand Drones Illuminate the Night Sky Over Wujia Dam

AIXShow's 1000 drones illuminated the night sky over Kunming's Wujia Dam area, showcasing a stunning light show that blended technology and digital entertainment.

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April 15, 2022


Drone Show

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On the evening of August 14th, above Feihu Avenue in the Wujia Dam area, 1000 drones used the night sky as a canvas and lights as brushes, presenting a magnificent light and shadow feast for the citizens.

At 9 PM, as the lights began to shine, 1000 drones slowly took off from the open space of Feihu Avenue, lighting up the summer night sky like twinkling stars. The ascending drones repeatedly changed formations, displaying messages like "I Love Yunnan," "The Life We Long For is in Kunming," "The Glory of the Party Illuminates the Frontier, The People of the Frontier Look Towards the Party," as well as images of the Biji Fang, elephants, peacocks, the map of the Wujia Dam area, and the logo of Kunming City Investment. Against the dark night, these texts and images were dazzling and beautiful.

The drone performance was operated by AIXShow. The company's representative mentioned that since September 2022, leveraging their foundational advantages, they have been exploring and expanding the application of the low-altitude economy, becoming pioneers in this new economic sector.

This drone performance, combining "technology + digital entertainment," represents the company's significant effort in empowering the cultural industry with technology. Integrating Kunming's cultural tourism and digital technology, the aim was to offer new entertainment experiences to the citizens of Kunming.

In the future, the company plans to use more high-tech methods to innovate cultural and tourism products, promote regular drone formation performances, establish a new model of digital advertising in the night sky, create a new industry of sky digital media, and support the development of Kunming's night economy.

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